With the purchase of BDS machine you have decided in favour of a quality product whose engineering and sturdiness have been de-signed to meet the high demands of day-to-day professional use. Read all the information contained here to familiarize yourself quickly with the machine and to be able to make full use of its functions. This machine will serve you for many years to come if you handle and treat it properly.
The BDS machines are highly recommended to be used only by skilled operators, operators with technical knowledge or operators with experience with drilling (or beveling) machine.


These operating instructions form an integral part of the BDS product and contains important information for the commissioning, safety, intended use and care of the machine. The operating instructions must be kept near the machine at all times. They must be read and observed by all persons entrusted with operation, troubleshooting and/or cleaning of the machine. Keep these operating instructions in a safe place and pass them on with the machine to any future owners.


All technical information, data and instructions for commissioning, operation and care of the machine contained in these operating instructions represent the latest status at the time of printing.
The manufacturer assumes no liability for damage or injury resulting from failure to observe the operating instructions, use for other than the intended purpose, unprofessional repairs, unauthorised modifications or use of non-approved spare parts and accessories, tools and lubricants.


  • Do not use the machine in flammable or potentially explosive environments.
  • Persons who due to their physical, mental or motor response abilities are unable to operate the machine safely may only use the machine under supervision or instruction by a responsible person.
  • Persons with heart pacemakers or other medical implants must not use this machine.
  • Children must not be allowed to use the machine.
  • Inspect the machine for visible signs of damage before use.
  • Do not use a visibly damaged machine.
  • Before beginning work, check the condition of the safety chain and the function of the switches on the machine.
  • Repairs to the mains cable may only be carried out by a qualified electrician.
  • Repairs to the machine may only be carried out by an authorised workshop or by the works after sales service. Unqualified repairs can lead to considerable danger for the user.
  • Repairs to the machine during the warranty period may only be carried out by a service centre authorised by the manufacturer, as otherwise the warranty will be voided.
  • Defective parts may only be replaced with original spare parts.
  • Only these parts guarantee that the safety requirements are satisfied.
  • Do not leave the machine unsupervised during operation.
  • Store the machine in a dry, temperate location out of the reach of children.
  • Make sure that your work area is sufficiently lit (>300 Lux).
  • Do not use low power machines for heavy working.
  • Make sure that your workplace is clean.
  • Keep the machine clean, dry and free of oil and grease.
  • Follow the instructions on lubricating and cooling the tool.


Commonly, our tools are used on job sites in the most demanding applications and environments. Under these conditions and over time, the product may experience normal wear and tear and require service. While normal wear & tear is not considered a “defect” and is not covered.

  • Defect in armature due to excessive load while drilling.
  • Defect in field coil due to excessive load while drilling.
  • Defect caused due to machines used without EARTHING connection.
  • Defect caused due to machines used on the same work piece where welding machines are connected.
  • Defect caused due to improper handling of machine.
  • Defect caused due to contact of motor with water.
  • Defects caused due to non-technical operator.
  • Defect caused due to unskilled operator.
  • Carbon brushes are consumable items and are not covered under warranty.
  • Annular cutters and inserts are consumable items and are not covered under warranty.
Клиент конечного пользователяДилер / Дистрибьютор

Шаг 1: Личные данные

Название компании
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Мобильный номер
Адрес электронной почты*

Шаг 2: Детали машины

Номер модели*
Серийный номер машины *
Наименование дилера, машина куплена у
Дата покупки*
Номер счета*

Шаг 3: выпуск

Опишите проблему с машиной

Шаг 4: Детали операции

Кольцевой резец б / у

HSS Standard

HSS Cobalt 8%


Carbide Standard

Carbide PLUS

Carbide Rail

Диаметр кольцевого резца в мм
Длина резки кольцевого резца в мм

30 mm

55 mm

75 mm

110 mm

Тип используемой охлаждающей жидкости
Материал просверлен

Шаг 5: Требуются запасные части

Если вы уже знаете номер запчасти или название запчасти.

Старший номер Номер части Часть названия Количество

Шаг 6: Загрузить

1. Фото всей машины *

2. Фотография магнита с серийным номером машины?

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4. Счет конечного пользователя для проверки даты продажи *

Шаг 7: Подтвердите

Обратите внимание: эти гарантийные претензии не включают каких-либо повреждений, связанных с неправильным применением, таким как несоблюдение руководства по эксплуатации, перегрузка, неправильный источник питания, неправильный тип тока, неправильные аксессуары / инструменты, неправильное обращение, сброс или удар. Претензия по гарантии не распространяется на износ, вызванный нормальной работой, но увеличивает максимальную производительность, указанную в характеристиках машины.

Я согласен с тем, что BDS Maschinen GmbH может сохранять, обрабатывать и использовать мои данные, представленные здесь, с целью предоставления запрошенной здесь информации и моей дальнейшей поддержки. Я могу в любое время возразить против обработки и использования моих данных в BDS Maschinen GmbH, Mönchengladbach., [email protected].
Мы прочиталигарантийная политика внимательно. Настоящим мы подтверждаем, что вся информация, предоставленная нами в этой форме, является правильной и достоверной.


Our products come with the promise of quality, and it is precisely for this reason that we offer you a free additional service: an extension of your power tool warranty to 1 years. With an extra charge. Your only requirement is to register your power tools within 6 months of the date you buy it.

Please pay attention to following:

1. The extended warranty is tool-dependent; in other words, each tool you buy has to be registered separately.

2. The information required for registration is located on the tools name plate.

3. Please note the terms of warranty.